Special Issue of Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts

The APA journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts has just published a special issue on “Neuroaesthetics: Cognition and Neurobiology of Aesthetic Experience“. Here is the table of contents:

    • Introduction to the special issue: Toward an interdisciplinary neuroaesthetics (Nadal, M. & Skov, M.)
    • Studying aesthetics with the method of production: Effects of context and local symmetry (Westphal-Fitch, G.; Oh, J. & Fitch, W. T.)
    • Next steps in neuroaesthetics: Which processes and processing stages to study? (Leder, H.)
    • Middle temporal gyrus encodes individual differences in perceived facial attractiveness (Vartanian, O.; Goel, V.; Lam, E.; Fisher, M. & Granic, J.)
    • The neuroaesthetics of music (Brattico, E. & Pearce, M.)
    • Neural interactions that give rise to musical pleasure (Salimpoor, V. N. & Zatorre, R. J.)
    • Dance as a subject for empirical aesthetics (Christensen, J. F. & Calvo-Merino, B.)
    • Changes in painting styles of two artists with Alzheimer’s disease (van Buren, B.; Bromberger, B.; Potts, D.; Miller, B. & Chatterjee, A.)
    • Stability of art preference in frontotemporal dementia (Halpern, A. R. & O’Connor, M. G.)
    • An evolutionary approach to art and aesthetic experience (Zaidel, D. W.; Nadal, M.; Flexas, A. & Munar, E.)

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