FSU College of Medicine Recruitment in Neuroscience

The College of Medicine at Florida State University is currently reviewing applicants for 9 new positions in neuroscience.  Lauren S. Weingarden, PhD (Professor of Art History at the Department of Art History) is serving in a consulting capacity for identifying candidates who engage in neuroaesthetics research. Of the these positions, one is for an endowed chair and the others are open  to all ranks.

The positions are aimed at interdisciplinary faculty in the broadly defined area of mechanistic and translational approaches to brain health and disease. What is especially important for a candidate interested in developing neuroaesthetics research at FSU is that there is material and collegial support for researchers conducting cognitive, behavioral, social and developmental neuroscience as well as computational, bio-informatic, specialized imaging, and genetic approaches to studying brain health and disease.  Equally important (and exciting), the College will be acquiring an fMRI scanner.

Lauren S. Weingarden, PhD  [lweingarden@fsu.edu

Professor of Art History / Department of Art History

1019 William Johnston Building / Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306 – 1233 / Main office phone: 850.644.1250 

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