Photo Challenge: Make an ugly and beautiful photograph while you are inside of your lockdown home

During COVID-19 times, many of us are ‘stuck’ inside of our homes, confronted with the same visuals each day.

Perhaps this is an ideal time for a creative challenge that can help us get more insight in photography and aesthetics.

Anyone who is 18 years or older can participate. These are the instructions:

Send me an ‘ugly’ and a ‘beautiful’ photograph.

The only requirement is that you take them while you are inside of your lockdown home.

You are free to make whatever type of photograph with whatever camera or phone and are allowed to edit/post-process your photographs too.

 After you send me your photographs, you will be asked to answer a short 5 minute questionnaire with a few follow-up questions.

        •  Send your ugly and beautiful photograph to
        • with the subject line ‘Lockdown photo challenge for research’
        • and label the photograph as follows: ‘ugly_yourfirstname_yourlastname’ and ‘beautiful_yourfirstname_yourlastname’

 At the end of the lockdown, I will compile and publish the photographs anonymously (or with credit if preferred) in a digital publication, along with the research findings we can draw from them.

Questions can be asked at

PS: You need to be 18 years or older to take part

 We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.

The more people we can reach, the more interesting the insights will be, so please spread this call in your networks too (in attachment you can find an image that you can post on social media, but please include the instructions from this email too; or you can just forward this email to your network).

Kind regards and thanks for your participation!

Nathalie Vissers, PhD student

Johan Wagemans, Professor

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